Blog 1: CHIC: “Good Times”

Producers: Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards

After listening to the Disco songs, there were two standout songs for me and one was Le Freak and the other was Good Times. I would have to give an honorable mention to the Bee Gee’s, but their production didn’t compare to Chic. To me, Chic sounded a little more hip and modern than the other Disco songs which sounded kind of dated. The instrumentation that set this song, as well as the other song I listened to, apart was the use of the lead guitar and the bass line, which are very distinctive. They really caught my ear. I found out that the creators of this sound were Nile Rodgers, who uniquely played guitar and Bernard Edwards, who was also unique on the bass. Together they created some awesome sounds and arrangements. My research showed that Chic was called the greatest Disco band. I would have to agree.

I always thought that Rappers Delight reminded me of this song, but it never dawned on me that they had used the actual song. My research showed that Rappers Delight was not only inspired by Good Times, but made with the backing tracks of the song. FYI: Another song that was inspired by the bass line of this song was Queen’s, “Another One Bites The Dust”.

Considering that Good Times is a “feel good” Disco song and Rappers Delight is a rap that automatically shows contrast, but the comparison goes deeper. Although both songs are in the same key, Rappers Delight sounds like it is much lower. However, without all of the bells and whistles of the Chic production, the stripped down track accentuates the bass.  I checked the key (E) to make sure.

I was shocked to learn the real story behind The Sugarhill Gang. When Music industry producer and label owner Sylvia Robinson wanted to cash in on the under rap scene, she went out and found three rappers to put in a group.

This reminded me of the boy bands from the 90’s, but it worked and they ended up making history. I was also very shocked to find out that Big Hank had used another rappers lyrics for his part. He even spelled the guys name out during his part. That was hilarious to me.

Bottom line: Both songs are still unique in their own right. Although the production styles were very different, it worked for each song. I am now interested in seeing what could be done with stripping away some of our new songs. I wonder what kind of substance would be left for us to hear.


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