Peer Feedback Posts

Peer Feedback Post A

Greetings James

Good post. I researched the Sex Pistols with Johnny (Rotten) Lydon also. And after listening to so much punk music this week, I had to laugh when you stated that Public Image Ltd’s melodies weren’t so punk as to “grate on your nerves like some could”. I totally got that statement, because most of what I listened to did. I thought it was very interesting that Johnny went from angry punk music to a commercially pop punk sound. I wonder if he only did that to crossover into a more mainstream market. Did you come across any information on that in your research? I would love to know his reasoning behind that decision. I would suggest that in the future when you have such a great post, maybe you could put up a link or picture to enhance it. I also would love to know more about how you felt about the music. Kudos

Carmen Davis

Peer Feedback Post B


I was blown away when I read about Gary Numan’s technique of using the guitar pedals with the synthesizers. I thought that was actually genius and it is something I am definitely going to try. I am also going to investigate how The Smiths isolated and recorded those drums. Sonically, it boggles my mind. I am familiar with Gary Numan and I’m sure that most musicians and producers know of him, however I had never heard of The Smiths. You spoke of how they also had influenced you. How did you become familiar with them? I’d love to know. It would have been great if you had included some of the music you spoke about. It would have helped me hear through your ears or see things from your perspective. Gary Numan is Rock, Pop and Electric music. The Smiths are Indie Rock. Since they both have influenced you, I would love to know what you consider your sound to be. Great post

Carmen Davis

Peer Feedback Post C

Greetings Robert

Nice post. From the songs of his that I have heard, I would have to agree with you in saying that the Notorious B.I.G. was an extraordinary lyricist. I wasn’t sure if I had heard of the song before, but I went and listened to a little of it and I don’t know the song, I have definitely heard that track beat. If his rap flow is an influence on you, I’m sure you will do well. I thought that it was very interesting how all of the popular rappers wanted that particular track. Randy Badazz had his pick of the greats and he obviously chose well. Who is Pam Long? Is she a rapper too? I am not familiar with that name. You talked about Sheryl Crow also. I also love that song because of the cheerful mood. That’s one of my feel good songs. It always makes me happy. I was kind of confused with the “ribbed instrument” comment. Maybe you could expound on that. As a female singer-songwriter producer, I would have loved to know what other artists were inspired by Sheryl Crow. Good luck in the future. I hope you make some inspired banging tracks.

Carmen Davis


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