Blog 5

Hello and Welcome back

In this blog I’m going to start with the song Karma Chameleon by Culture Club. First of all, Culture Club intrigues me because I like Boy George. I don’t really know why, but I absolutely love him. Delving into the bands backstory, I was surprised to find out Boy George’s dad was a boxing club manager. Talk about contradictions. You would think he would come off as a harder meaner person, but he comes off as quite the opposite. I wasn’t shocked to read that he was attracted to glam rock, which was obviously the foundation for his extravagant and signature sense of style. As far as I am concerned the other members of the group were simply bit players in the group. They all came from other bands and all of them together were heavily linked with the new romantics, Northern soul and fashion.  While listening to the song and dissecting its New Wave sound, I was shocked at how simply made it was. It was quirky at best. But considering that it was an MTV song, I went to YouTube and watched the video. That was the clincher. It made me want to dance along with the people in it. It made me feel good and Boy George was the guru and catalyst singing the song with conviction.

Contrasting this song is the Synthpop song, Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics. The Eurythmics, consisting of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, had formerly had a band called the Tourists. The post-punk scene going on in England influenced them.   Although Annie Lennox is heavily made up in an androgynous outfit and looks more like a pretty punk rocker, this song is heavily reminiscent of a pop song. However from the moment it begins an arpeggio sounding synth captures your attention and commands you to listen while the song builds with multiple synth sounds. This includes the bass line and and added drum machine. The violin sounding synths sweeping through further distinguish the sound. This is another danceable song, however the vocals are much better. In conclusion, I would have to say that the difference between the two songs is that Karma Chameleon needed video to make it number one around the world. There is no way it would have done so without MTV. “Here Comes The Rain Again” doesn’t need a video to sell it, because Annie Lennox’s vocals and the strength of the track were enough.


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